SOCIALISM & HOPESocialism and Hope- A Journey through turbulent times by Neil Findlay

A journey through turbulent times 

Written by Neil Findlay MSP, Edited by Jeff Holmes

Neil Findlay was unexpectedly elected to the Scottish parliament in 2011. This book provides a first-hand account of his involvement in the seismic events that have shaken Scottish politics over the past 6 years – the independence referendum, the Scottish Labour leadership election that followed, the UK and Scottish elections and the election of Jeremy Corbyn as UK Labour leader (Neil was his Scottish campaign manager). ‘Socialism and hope’ gives an insight into the work of an MSP who is key figure on the Labour left and takes us through the ups and downs of life in the Labour party and Labour movement over this period.

About the author

Neil Findlay left school at 16 and served an apprenticeship as bricklayer working in the construction industry for 10 years before returning to full time education. On graduating he was employed in the social housing sector and as a school teacher. He joined the Labour party at 18 and was an elected member of West Lothian Council between 2003 -2011. He was ‘unexpectedly’ elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2011, has served in various Shadow Ministerial posts and currently chairs the Scottish Parliament Health and Sport committee. In 2014 he contested the leadership of the Scottish Labour party. Always on the left of the Labour party he was the Scottish campaign manager for Jeremy Corbyn’s two successful leadership campaigns. A member of UNITE the Union and the EIS Neil is a robust debater and very active campaigner.




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